Grain of the silos

History of the Silos

New life has been breathed in to the Silos.

Long dilapidated and deserted on the banks of the Tamar River, new life has been breathed in to the Silos. Decades ago when the Apple Isle’s appetite for bread demanded mass wheat storage, Kings Wharf was picked as just the spot. 

In 1960, four towering silos added to a busy industrial piece of Launceston. Ships docked, their cargo offloaded and later, loaves delivered to hungry Tasmanians. 

As the years rolled by, the silos were emptied of grain but the seed of change had planted in one man’s mind. 

Errol Stewart wanted to turn the Silos into a place to stay, eat and entertain. 

So the Silos were reclaimed and rebuilt, undergoing a glorious transformation from industrial giant to luxurious getaway.

The four giant pillars stand in the heart of Northern Tasmania, a region oozing with marvellous landscapes, food and locals.

At the gateway of the luscious Tamar Valley, the Silos provide a platform for discovery and indulgence.

Come and uncover a wonderful experience at the Silos - a slice of Tasmanian history revived. 

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