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14 August, 2023 |

Meet the Producers Dinner

We are so pleased to share our highlights of hosting an unforgettable 'Meet the Producers' Dinner in partnership with agriCULTURED 2023.

Grain of the Silos, renowned for their commitment to showcasing local produce, brought together passionate guests, visionary chefs, and the dedicated food artisans responsible for the extraordinary flavours that graced our plates.

To truly appreciate the exceptional flavours we indulge in, it is crucial to recognise the remarkable individuals who cultivate, nurture, and craft the premium ingredients. The 'Meet the Producers' Dinner provided an unparalleled opportunity to interact with Tasmania's finest artisans.

Over the course of the evening, acclaimed food writer and podcaster Dani Valent hosted captivating conversations with the producers, delving deep into the intricate details of their craft. It was an enlightening experience to witness firsthand the passion that drives these individuals to consistently deliver uncompromising taste and quality. Producers eagerly shared anecdotes, insights, and even some trade secrets, giving the attendees a whole new appreciation for the remarkable flavours that grace their plates.

With each course, guests were treated to a symphony of flavours, artfully composed and masterfully executed. The seamless pairing of wine further enhanced the gastronomic journey, revealing the harmonious combination of impeccable cooking techniques and extraordinary ingredients.

The 'Meet the Producers' Dinner at Grain of the Silos undoubtedly left an indelible mark on each attendee. The event was an unmatched opportunity to connect with the heart and soul of the local culinary scene, fostering a deeper appreciation for the ethical, sustainable, and incredibly delicious products intertwining on our plates.

Image Credit: Ness Vanderburgh

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